Mar. 1st, 2011

littlerunningbee: (Default)
 I always wanted to present you the Mekos - or better said of my neighbourhood since this is the only family I've been playing with for 2 years so far :D I also wanted to show you some extra spam of my latest families but I thought this might be kind of confusing for you since because you did not know the ancestors. Thus, I now decided to show you this family tree and also want to share some extra spam with you as soon as there is some new one. If you are interested in any of those sims, just leave a comment :)

Please klick to enlarge :)

Sims by: me, rotkaeppchen [Emil - as a birthday present to me] , basmati [Blossom & Bami] , poettchen [Puck] , mirage [Lorin] , aaroná [Knutekal]  ( all except Emil downloadable @