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Yay - something sims-related. I guess, I might bore some of you with my Harry Potter meme, but there's just not enough time for sims right now. University really sucks sometimes.

However, one of my sims-community friends [Basmati @ Sims-Secrets] turned 21 last week and I managed to prepare a small present for her [although it is also a present for me somehow :D]. I won't share this sim since he's just meant to be a present and nothing else. Thus, this is just a picspam post - still no dowloads. Sorry about that.

Algie Oakby
Fake-Ron :D [I am just a real nerd these days] - So this is why he's also a present for me :D

Yes, the real Ron does not wear glasses and this is the fact about him that annoys Algie most. He always wanted to be like Ron and in many ways he's been doing very well so far [best friend one can imagine, dopey, funny, giggle, yellow-belly and brave heart at the same time, sluggish and dead honest]. However, his poor eyesight has upset his plans to become the perfect Fake-Ron. Thus, he decided to rather be like Albus Potter since he combines Weasley genes and Potter-eyesight in one person.

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