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Hello and welcome to my first DW :) My name is littlerunningbee (or just Bee) and I want to share some sim stuff with you. Just have a good time here and enjoy the simmies, houses and clothing I uploaded here. You may add me to your circle and leave some comments - I really appreciate them :)

Terms of Use & Policy

you may include my stuff with your houses and sims, credit is not necessarily needed but appreciated
- don't upload my stuff elsewhere, especially pay-sites, akisima and tsr
- my downloads are fileshare-friendly - so you may share them with your friends via messenger or mail
- no hotlinking
- you may use textures and parts of textures, but please give credits
- with my sims you may do what you want with them,- give them a new style  [but please keep the facial structure] except using them for contest and claiming them as your own


Sims-Secrets - German forum for simmers
Little Running Dollhouse - my blog with some of my older downloads

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