Feb. 12th, 2011

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WARNING: random real life jabbering :D
Yay - after a long time I am finally back or better sad - my Sims game is back. My PC crashed some weeks ago and I had to fix everything. Since there were also seven exams [still one to go] and one essay to write, there was absolutely no time for re-installing Sims. So yesterday was the day to bring the game back into use and I am so happy. It was nearly a month without playing what seems kind of unthinkable for a sim nerd like me xD Anyway, I hope that I can upload some new stuff soon :)

Ah - and I've nearly forgotten to tell you something else - I am getting budgies. I am so excited. I had budgies during my whole childhood [my last and oldest one died two weeks before I started college] and I missed them so much at college. So I worked out as many arguments as were needed to convince my mum that I MUST have budgies and to stop her raising any objections  - yay and next sunday Luna [yay - Loony Lovegood] will move in my house :) I am also getting a little friend [Dobby] for her. I just have to wait until he's eight weeks old [so 5 weeks to go]. Waaah - I am so happy :)

[by bknutson_2009 @ photobucket]