Mar. 16th, 2011

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 There's a new challenge @ pixel_trade: The Person Below Me: Alien Edition!

So here's my submission Galatea: The person above me (
engram_au) requested:

The person below me will create an alien with a retrousse nose (ie. a "ski jump" nose, one that is tilted upwards at the tip), big eyes, red hair (be it natural ginger or firetruck - go wild!), tilted/vulcan eyebrows and a rather angry outlook on life.

Galatea Wiggleswade

- is a rather erratic woman
- takes her anger out on everybody who crosses her path
- since she lost her job as a saleswoman for popcorn some weeks ago, she's been working in the ghost train of the town's amusement park
- loves to give everyone hell, even if it is just for fun

with CC

without CC