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 The pollination goes on :)

Generation 2
Puukhaa & Medusa by [personal profile] sneebsey 

Puukhaa & Medusa Barcley by [personal profile] sneebsey 

Their offspring: Tamiya Barcley

Definitely meant to be together :D

It seems like Medusa likes snivellers :D It was the 5th anniversary of his parents' deaths.

Just because she is mega cool.

Not only does Medusa love snivellers - she also has a thing for diving suits.

Puukhaa immediately jumped at this opportunity and asked her hand in marriage.

What pregnant aliens love to do in winter :D

Honey, the baby is on its way to us.
Gosh, I wanted to finish this chapter first.

Look into my eyes - haha :D

Daddy, it's my birthday.
Don't be a pain in the neck. I'm working on a new theory.

Medusa trying to find out what distinguishs the skeleton of an alien from one of a human being.
The X-ray unit did not work this day.

Oh NOOOO - no, no, no, no.

Poor Puukhaa.

Tamiya rather griefs for the clean toilet.

We should blame Medusa for staying all day long in the garden in underwear when she was pregnant.
Now see Tamiya having the rewards from these actions :D

Already having backache?

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