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This time the ACR decided to bring some more fun into this challenge :D

Generation 3
Tamiya & Vijay by [ profile] slyndsey 
plus Cotton by [ profile] poettchen 

Tamiya Barcley & Vijay Gavinson by [ profile] slyndsey 

Their offspring: Dunja Barcley

Vijay also had an affair with Cotton Candy by [ profile] poettchen 

Their offspring: Duana Candy

Time for some extra spam :D

So who decided to take pictures of me in that pink Kitchen?! Sry, but this is awkward!

You'd rather mind my P's and Q's. I've read Harry Potter as many times that I know how to
cast a spell over you.
Really? That's kinda cool ^^


I knew nobody could resist his charming expression :)

Oh - wanna see how good-looking I am *rrr*


I knew it :D

Vijay doen't seem to put place value on good behaviour -.-
Hellooo - your girl is watching you and she's expecting your baby.

Shame on ACR.

Aren't they the cutest alien couple ever <3

Vijay: Ah, by the way, Cotton, I'm also in love with Tamiya.
Cotton: hmpf

Nonetheless Cotton couldn't excape from Vijay's attraction. Hence, she decided to move into the house :)

Why do you both get along so swimmingly. It was me who wanted to have fun.

It's baby time <3

Cotton rather amuses herself - why on earth should she care for her child at night.
Hm, let me guess - it is YOUR child.

Finally well done ^^

Sometimes even Vijay demeans himself to spend time with his daughters.
Cotton is really impressed :D

Dunja - ruler of the sea and the nature.

Synchronised raking :D


Excursus: Vijay finally going through a bad patch with women :D
Poor Vijay :D
Okay, not that bad....

until he treads on Aiko's foot.
Aiko is an older version of my Garnet Rydell.

Even Carlie turns Vijay down.

And so does Garnet :D

At least his daughter does not refuse a kiss :D

Hm this might be too rich in calories :(

Dancing lessons :D

Still a romantic guy <3
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Date: 2011-05-06 06:58 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nett
Definitely a fan of both Duana & Dunja. I used to babysit a little girl named Duana! Well she's not a little girl any more... xD