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The alien saga goes on :D

Generation 4
Dunja & Alfie by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis 

Dunja & Alfie Bleu by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis 

Yay - twins:
Ailith & Alvin Bleu

Are you really trying to turn me on wearing underwear?
Who cares, you wear pink jeans :D

Wait a minute - I just strip down to match your style :D

Haha, there's some ketchup in your face.
Really?! No, this is just one of my eyebrows :D

If Dunja had not won Alfie's heart with this move, I would not have known what else she could try.

Emancipated women do not wait till men pop the question.

Now we know why she wanted to get married so fast - she's pregnant ^^
Guests: Vertigo by [personal profile] whispersofobscurity  and Ruka by me

Hello, little Captain Bluebear :)

What - I want to watch Glee.

Twins :) and finally Alfie tore himself away from Britanna and Co.

Genetic mishmash [haha, I never knew that this also exists in English]

The parents are competing which child first learns how to say one parent's name.

Love <3

Even more love <3

MORE love :D

You do really not know how to pick your nose? So let me teach this to you :D

Expedition: merry-go-round :)

"The application has crashed. The application will now terminate."

Really wicked - those people there in the sky seem to look exactly like dad.

Hm, I doubt that they also behave like he does :D

What have you done to your hair?
Shut up - do you really think your Elvis hairdo is better?

Not only do aliens look spacy - they also hold their telephone the wrong way round :D

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Date: 2011-05-06 07:00 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nett
Alvin is my favourite, though that screenshot of the two kids playing on the playground equipment together was totally slayable! <3