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It all ends here. Sorry Harry Potter is just everywhere in my life :D
Anyways - let's go on with the aliens and show you the Grand Finale - and it really was a grand one, promised.
Again - I have to put all the blame on ACR :D

Generation 5

Ailith & Ramen by
plus Pearle by me

Just for those who get easily confused - stop reading :D

The parents

Ailith Bleu

Ramen Miso by

Pearle White by me

The offspring

Alston Bleu [son of Ailith & Pearle]

Esmeralda White [daughter of Pearle & Ramen]

Sushi Bleu
[son of Ailith & Ramen]
He is the final result of this challenge.

And now let's see what ACR thought up :D

It all started quite normal. Ailith tries to break the ice.

But before anything could have happened, Pearle visited the household and
impressed Ailith with her knowledge :D

I cross my heart that I had nothing to do with this...

... and this. Confusing, isn't it?

...and this.

Even Ramen was quite puzzled about the events.

Ailith just couldn't decide which one to choose.

Pregnant - but who's the father/mother?

Ramen: Actually I wanted to spend some time with Ailith now.
Pearle: I couldn't care less.

Ramen: But I was the first one who touched her boobs.
Pearle: Okay, I couldn't care MORE. WHAT?!

Hm, seems like nobody noticed Ailith being in labour. At least nobody really important.
[sry FrauSchaf; but
Paula does not have a role in this play :D]

The next day - Pearle offered her apologies...

and Ramen accepts the apology and HOW O.o

You cannot imagine my facial expression at this moment O.o

Happy Birthday, Alston. Just for those who haven't noticed yet - Pearle is the mother :D

Ailith - so who do you think will now pay rent?

What, you cannot work, anyway?!

At least she does have more time for her son.
Be careful - you do not really want to be stuck in the ceiling, do you?

Even pregnancy can't stop women doing what they really want :D

At least labour can.

It's a girl, and Ramen is the daddy ^^

Again: Ramen is the daddy ^^


Haha, you're a boy. You can't play with my dollies.


Patchwork family deluxe :)

So we know we all have good genes - but who has the best?

Little virtuosa <3

Sushi already knows what is really sexy :D

Ailith really wanted to attend the Royal Wedding. She even wore a hat while teatime :D

Birthday with special guest Mulan [by me; never uploaded]

Hi grandpa <3

Presenting their rain dance :D

Esmeralda suffers from tendinitis - now Sushi has to entertain the household :D

Just because I love her :)

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Date: 2011-05-06 01:05 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] 6akalaka1
Alston and Esmeralda are so pretty! Esmeralda is the cutest child ever.

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Date: 2011-05-06 07:02 am (UTC)
nett: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nett
OH my! O_O;; All of the children are just drop dead GORGEOUS O_O;; <333333 Will definitely be coming to get these children of TOO MUCH LOVE at a very soon date :D