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Day 28 - Favourite male character and why?

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Actually I would have immediately chosen Ron if I hadn't already picked him for my favourite character and since I really don't like to repeat myself , I rather want to tell you who comes next in my list of favourite male characters :D To tell you the truth, this is a really hard decision to make since there are so many cool chacters in the story. Snape for example is one of my favourite characters because he happens to be one of the most incalculable and interesting characters I've ever read about. However, I sometimes hate him too much as to call him my second favourite male character :D Gosh, why the hell did he have to call Lily a mudblood. Jerk.
I also could have chosen Dobby - but is he really a male character? Hm, I should probably rather pick a human being here.

So - TA_DAH - my favourite male character next to Ron is Neville Longbottom. I loved him from the very beginning and it makes me even kind of proud to see/read that he eventually turns out to be a Gryffindor through and through. Those of you who haven't read the books yet [which is quite a shame] and do not want to be spoiled should stop reading now.
I love Neville for always backing his friends and for standing up for his beliefs and beloved ones. Neville is just a brave and faithful, honest and funny, powerful [hey, he is a member of Dumbledore's Army] and trustworthy friend - a friend who deserves to be honoured and respected. I could have hugged J.K. Rowling when I first read that Neville drew Gryffindor's sword out of the sorting head and sliced off Nagini's head and destroyed the last Horcrux. Praise Neville - the boy who could have been the boy who lived but happens to be the boy who is as much Gryffindor as one can be.

So - and just because there are way to many totally awesome male characters.
In memory of:

Rubeus Hagrid because one can trust him with one's life
Albus Dumbledore because he is Dumbedore and always cares for Harry like he was his own child, even if this sometimes means to ignore him
Remus Lupin because he is the perfect uncle
Arthur Weasley because he is the father every singe child deserves
Fred & George Weasley because they make me smile all time
Percy Weasley because he finally realises who he really cares for
Sirius Black because he brings a new father figure in Harry's life
Aberforth Dumbledore because he eventually is at least brave enough to flat-out lie to deatheaters
Mad-Eye Moody because he dies as a hero
Gilderoy Lockhart because he loves himself as much as everybody should
Cedric Diggory because he knows how to play fair
Dudley Dursley because he knows at heart that Harry is not the git Dudley called him.

This list could be much longer but I guess, It's better to stop now. I don't want to bore anybody here :D

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Day 28 - Favourite male character and why?
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