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New sim stuff? Really? Yay - finally it's time for some new downloads and also for a new legacy :)
Actually I had never had the intention to play those two sims. I created them for a contest @ Sims-Secrets called "Through Thick and Thin". All contestants were supposed to create two sims and take pictures of them in all stages of their lives. I really liked the idea and , therefore, I decided to enter the contest.
I never wanted to create two sims who look exactly like I always imagined Lily and James Potter. Shame on me or rather on my subconsciousness. It seems like I spend way too much time with stalking Harry Potter fanpages, reading and listening to the books, memes, watching the movies and Starkid shows and listening to the Starkid songs all day long :D
However, this family turned out to be a lot of fun :) Enjoy!

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Yay - finally it's done. It really took me ages to finish this [ profile] pixel_trade  challenge and the further I got the slower was the process I made. Anyways - I have had a lot of fun and really have enjoyed this challenge. I loved to play with all those gorgeous aliens. For those of you who do just want to see the results - I'll share them here. For all the others who love watching other people's games - I have a lot of extra spam; so for each generation one post.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Thanks to the people who shared their wonderful
TPBM aliens. My random aliens were:
Zaren by 
[ profile] courtney_shea  , Toolip by [ profile] iolesims  , Medusa by [personal profile] sneebsey  , Vijay by [ profile] slyndsey, Alfie by [ profile] rhiannon_alexis  and Ramen by [ profile] brilliantcat 

Also included: Cotton by 
[ profile] poettchen  , Pearle by me

Yay - Aliens )
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Yay - Sims :D

More pictures & Download-Links )

What other users uploaded :)
All this stuff can be found
We are still waiting for the upload of some Easter Eggs, but this is what you can download so far:

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Yay - it's Christmas time. I love these holidays and enjoy every minute of them.  And since I love those days so much and I really love to gift friends, my family and and beloved people I do not know, there is also something I want to share with you. I uploaded it to the Sims-Secrets Advent Calendar - so you have to go there to grab my two presents :) You also find other other's uploads there - I really recommend you to take a look at them :)  Have fun and enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas to everyone :)

xxx Bee

Nell & Luz

I hereby thank Rotkaeppchen for creating this wonderful dress Nell is wearing and Fantasyrogue for creating this wonderful medieval outfit I simply recolored without changing anything of your texture - thank you both for your great work :)




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 Gosh, I recently realized I've completely forgotten to inform you about my latest upload for the Sims-Secrets advent calender - I am so sorry about that, since it must have seemed like I didn't do anything last month. Anyway, there are two simmies I uploaded there and I also want to show you some of the other uploads there. 


- half-blood vampire
- does not want to fear others/ hates his vampire genes
- fan of christmas and Santa

Mireille & The Christmas Carol [Dress]

- Mireille loves to play the violine
- enjoys all the small things about christmas like love, friendship, family, a smile about a present, smell of cookies

Credits for the dress go to the wonderful  
Yuxi  for the mesh and the texture of the shoes :)

Other user's presents for the calendar



Download links and even more downloads may be found

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Yay - I guess it is absolutely time for another update on my DW. Sorry for being absent for the last two weeks - there is simply way to much study to do for university xD
Today there is just a cute neat freak for you - have fun and Happy Halloween :)

More pictures, credits & download )

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Waaah - university started again and I guess there won't be much time for playing sims and creating new stuff in the next weeks. I'll try to update the DW every two weeks, but I can't promise anything. Anyway - today my course was cancelled because of my prof's illness and this is why I have the time to update the DW today - yay.

So - here's another everyday outfit for your male sims - I really like guys wearing basic shirts, so I took a mesh
by Nalin and created this outfit for the normal guys in my hood xD

(Mesh included)

BS Preview


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Yay  - I have not uploaded any sim (actually Fran was just a result of building the artist's home and trying out some new downloads) it is definitely time for some new sims of mine :)
Today I brought 5 of my in-game-born cuties - they were the results of my two latest legacies and there were some requests for them - so here they are :) And there is also a hottie for you which I created some days ago :) So - have a nice  week (waaaah - last week of holidays before university starts again) and enjoy yourself :)

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Muahaha - Bee is back after a week being a sim addict :D (I started my first round robin and this made me kind of mad and addicted :D )
Anyway,  I also brought something for you - a new outfit for the teen boys that is much needed by the way. There are still way to less outfits for the teens :)

Mesh (teen conversion of a mesh by clubcrimsyn) included.